Custom Made Orthotics

Whether you’re an everyday pedestrian or an athlete, you will benefit from custom orthotics inserts which enable the whole body to perform at peak efficiency, eliminating pain while increasing energy output and reducing muscle fatigue. Custom arch support inserts help increase blood flow to the foot, keeping your feet warmer in the winter, cooler in the summer and pain-free all year round.
We specialize in Orthotics for flat feet, cavus feet (high arches), reverse orthotic inserts for the supinated feet, and much more. We make the best insoles for pronated feet and we will even recommend shoes for flat feet.

Custom Made Orthotics

Our Custom Orthotics Models

SuperFlex: Those who require one pair of orthotics that can be worn in a variety of shoes. Offers patients moderate to maximum biomechanical control.

Performance Sport

Performance Dress

SportFlex: Athletes and other active patients who require moderate to maximum biomechanical control. Designed to prevent sport related injuries by protecting against pressure and impact shock.

RunFlex: Specially engineered for the high performance runner. Extrinsic rearfoot flexpost (with a Lunasoft™ layer) to relieve Achilles’ tendon strain, vinyl sandwich for topcover stability.

DressFlex: Patients who require mild to moderate biomechanical control in their narrow dress shoes. Designed primarily for women. Optional 3/4 and sulcus length.

CushionFlex: Mild to moderate biomechanical control with superior shock absorption. Heel grip for in-shoe stability, ultrasoft topcover for sensitive feet.

SafetyFlex : Specially engineered for the patient who is on their feet all day in a rugged environment and wants the ultimate in comfort, shock absorption, stability, support and durability. 2mm foam forefoot pad for additional cushioning.

CourtFlex: Specially engineered for the high performance court player. Extrinsic rearfoot flexpost (with a Lunasoft™ layer) to relieve Achilles’ tendon strain, vinyl sandwich for topcover stability.

SoccerFlex: Soccer players who require moderate to maximum biomechanical control. Cut-to-fit for each soccer cleat with additional vinyl sandwich.

KidsFlex: Young children (under age 6 or less than 60lbs) who require moderate to maximum biomechanical control. Extra deep heel cup to accommodate the larger fat pad found on the heel of young children.

DiabeticFlex: Diabetic patients with sensitive feet who require an accommodative device. Specifically designed to relieve high pressure areas and prevent the formation of ulcers on the diabetic foot. Fully accommodative 3 layer memory foam for diabetic patients.

FashionFlex: Patients who require mild to moderate biomechanical control in their high heel or dance shoes. Vinyl sandwich to prevent topcover delamination, ultra-narrow fit

Body Braces

Most back support braces today will have a compression in them that pulls the back brace to give you a very snug fit all around you. Many back injuries or back conditions end up in a revolving circle of inflammation and muscle spasm due to an acute injury or a chronic condition that flare up.

The causes of back pain are varied, because of the anatomy and function demanded of our spinal column.
Bracing is a good choice for conservative treatment. When there is back pain regardless of what the cause of it is, the reaction of the musculature is to contract into involuntary spasm or voluntary contraction of the muscles so they protect the injured or inflamed joint and soft tissue. The muscles often go into “overdrive” with good intentions of protecting the spine.

Using a back support brace, it allows the core muscles that are supporting the spine to relax and not be in “overdrive – protection mode“. You are able to get up from sitting or lying down and move around more than you would with a back spasm that would hinder your movement.

There are many types of back support braces on the market today: good quality, bad quality, expensive ones, inexpensive ones, braces for different parts of the back: mid-spine and lower lumbar, tailbone or sacrum.
There are also many different designs that are using different materials such as elastic, soft plastic, hard plastic metal, velcro and laces.

Elbow Braces

What can you expect from elbow brace/support? Do you play golf? How about tennis? Do you partake in activities that require heavy lifting and repetitive movements at the elbow joint? Elbow support can be great at preventing elbow tendinitis as well as to help heal acute symptoms of repetitive elbow injuries. Elbow braces are equipped with strong compression and extra padding to insure stability and proper support at the joint. When used as a preventive measure, it will reduce the risk of injury or re-injury.

Some of the common reasons for elbow brace/support use are:

  • Chronic pain as Elbow Tendinitis or Bursitis
  • Sport or over-use related injuries such as strains and sprains
  • Post-operative support and proper immobilization
  • General pain relief

Our elbow support comes in exact sizes. You must be measured to ensure that we get you the best fit possible.

Foot and Ankle Braces

Foot & Ankle braces are made for chronic or acute ankle sprains, injures and edema at the ankle joint as well as foot conditions such as achilles tendinitis. They provide compression and stabilization at the joint, and the soft tissue around foot and ankle. The compression will help bring down inflammation and speed up recovery time.

Ankle braces are made up of a combination of soft and rigid materials. In case of injury a rigid support may be the best option.

For chronic/repetitive ankle sprain and Achilles Tendinitis, a combination brace can be used daily as a preventative measure to heal acute pain.

All ankle supports that are sold in our office need to be properly measured in order to provide the best fit and support. All professional braces that we sell are costly. If you chose to have it covered by your insurance plan, we recommend having it pre-approved first.

We will require a doctor’s prescription for all medically necessary support braces.

At our office we sell only medical grade braces.

Hand and Wrist Braces

Hand and wrist braces come in an exact size to apply pressure and immobilize a wrist which is sometimes totally necessary after injury to help the rehabilitation process of the effected wrist. This provides proper compression and will help heal the ligaments and bones.

Wrist braces are made up of a combination of soft and ridged materials. You may need more ridged stability after injury, and need to wear a brace that will immobilize unnecessary movement at the wrist joint.

Conditions such as wrist tendinitis, also known as Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, will benefit from daily use of wrist support along with good compression and some restriction in mobility at the wrist joint. When your daily activity require lots of heavy lifting and repetitive movement at the wrist such as typing and patient care you may want to consult with your doctor on wearing wrist support as a preventive measure.

To get proper wrist brace/support you need to be measured and properly fit. It must be snug and comfortable. It should be able to apply enough pressure and control stability without causing pain.

Knee Support Braces


Why can knee support braces be a good support option?

When age or injury is making walking or running painful, knee support braces can help provide support for all areas surrounding your knee joint, your hip and thigh. It can bring comfort and allow easier movement.

Knee problems may stop you from doing your beneficial physical activities, or just simple walking. It can elevate pain to upper thigh and/or hip area. It offers great support after knee surgery, that may be recommended by your doctor.

What benefits can knee support braces provide?

There are many benefits that come from wearing proper knee support braces. The greater ones can support and stabilize knee cup as well as apply proper compression to bring down inflammation. They help heal your ligaments, muscles and joints faster.

They help with arthritic pain and structural knee problems. After knee surgery they can stabilize and heal the area. Invest in a high quality knee brace for walking to get moving again.